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Twitter Users Hit with Blue Badge Verification Phishing Scam.


What are the secret techniques to improve Online Reputation Management

Creating a great brand can take months or years to create. But destroying it, it takes just a few moments. Many of the companies, celebrities, but not excluded ordinary people do not understand the power that can go out of an upset customer or blogger. The reputation each company or brand has will be positive or it will die as a result of what others will say online. Monitoring the online reputation is very similar to the offline reputation. The only (but most important) difference is the spreading. Over the internet, the bad news spread like a wildfire. Therefore, reacting on it is critical for online reputation management.

Simple techniques can help to protect your online reputation.

1. Keep on track everything
Being aware of everything will help to react on time and keep the reputation positive.

2. Participate
Being active online with commenting on blogs or forums that are niche related will lead more back links and will make your online presence appealing.

3. Build relationship with your audience
Being close to your audience will help you to hear them and solve their problems and therefore, protect yourself from negative reviews.

4. Learn to answer on a negative review
It is important to take some time and think well before you reply. Your answer needs to be polite and to correspond with the company’s/brand already build reputation.

5. Ask for professional help
Many companies are having a team of professionals who are specialized in this niche and who will take all actions to keep your website clean and updated with quality content.

Major Data Security Threats

We heard many stories about confidential data leaks. It is a serious indicator that companies need to do a better job regarding protection of sensitive data.

Companies may undertake some actions towards online security. They are still not prepared and properly protected from many serious threats.  So the question here is what companies can do to protect themselves and their customers. Following are the four most major data security threats.

  1. Internal Attack
  2. Mobile devices
  3. Third- party service provider
  4. Lack of information security awareness

CR Risk Advisory is a company that can handle this. They provide complete service that includes risk recognition, information security design and framework, and all other connected things. Due to their involvement, you will be able to straighten the defense against cyber-attacks and care for your company’s improvement. Therefore, hackers will not have chances to access your network and see something you don’t want to.

Secure Your Personal Information from Cyber Attacks

The risk of cyber attacks is getting stronger day by day. Hackers are every day trying to fall in someone’s system and steal information that can be sold later to someone on the black market that may need that information for a different purpose. Competition is cruel today, so that is the reason why there is such a noise regarding this question. Business and organizations are doing everything to secure the most valuable thing they have- the information. Maybe some of you will say that there is other more important thing they should think on, but, from the information comes everything. Companies can find their competitive place on the market and that is not a thing that should be neglect. Not just these kinds of information, but personal information as well are those that can be stolen in order to be sold or come over them to other information.

Companies or organization, by themselves, cannot completely protect if they don’t have a special department that works only on this (but let’s be real, this is almost impossible to see), and therefore they work with outsourcing companies that are professionals in the area and can provide the needed care. CR Risk Advisory is one of the companies that work in the field and in the sector is known as a company that is among the best. They have professionals that are part of the organization and who are providing complete care starting from identifying the current position regarding cyber criminal protection, identifying the needs and information security design and framework, through which they will provide the required service according to the company’s integrity, desired confidentiality levels, and integrity.

When It Is About Larger Companies

Information Security is very important for companies. It helps them to take actions toward the vulnerabilities and protect the flow of information out of the company. Providing training for the employees is the last line in the defending process, but it should be taken anyway. It will prevent all the unexpected situations where suspicious malware will show up or other online threats. Of course, this is not the only action that should be taken, so better pay some company as CR Risk Advisory to take care of your online security and you’ll never have any security issues.

How To Get Rid of Negative Slander?

When everything in the world would be perfect, removing a negative, unfair slander would be such an easy job. However, the reality we have is a little bit different. Here, most of the content stay; expect some rear situations when they are removed. Today, the most effective way of controlling the search result is by creating a fresh, positive content, which is going to suppress all the negativeness that are damaging your picture online. What you should not forget is that the more content you are creating, the more you are making balance in between the negative and positive content, making sure that the positive one is more present. You can use many ways that can help you to get rid of all the negative slanders that will negatively affect your business.


Not everyone can deal well with all those stuff mentioned above. If you are one of those who are not specialties in this field, then let the specialties fix the negative slander shown on your website. Many companies are working in this field, such as CR Risk Advisory.  They are online reputation management company that work on different niches, such as on online reputation management, individual protection, enterprise protection, small business protection and other.